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Lockdown 3.0 in England

I understand how you feel because I feel the same. The only question is to question the reality of what we’re experiencing. It is being said we are facing monumental pivotal moments leading to the extinction of humans or earth.It is also said we are facing one crisis after another. COVID being one them and…

Covid Christmas 2020 but only if you are good

Christmas 2020, but only if you are good! Listen to the new episode of the podcast from Alan Forrest Smith.

England Lockdown 2.0

Should you begin to resist lockdowns? Like the topic of BREXIT, this COVID-19 creates strong feelings and opinions. I, of course, have an opinion I want to share this with you. Infact I feel obilgated to share it with you. After all the opinions of leaderless leaders are sharing what is after all … their…

Covid Confusion Syndrome

Are you still, confused? I’m standing in line in Nero coffee shop. I am not wearing a mask. The woman in front of me acts increasingly nervous because of my bare face. The couple behind me have mentioned a few times to each other their shock at me not conforming and wearing a mask. The…

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In 2010 I Made a Choice to Escape a Virus, Lockdown and Self-Isolate For 12-Weeks. 

At the end of the self-isolation, I’d had enough and wanted to come home. I booked my flight and jumped on the plane and then returned home to England. And I can tell you. I never felt so alive in my life.

Self-Isolation Isn’t New.

Before it became an enforced trend it was called ‘getting away from everything’ I had passed through a storm. That storm started with a brutal divorce and concluded with a life-altering bankruptcy. It was horrible. It felt like a million voices firing at me their opinions on what was going to be best for me. I had become very anxious, lost my confidence and I felt weak.It was hard to take more than I was going through.

So I booked a flight to self-isolation.

At the end of the self-isolation, I’d had enough and wanted to come home. I booked my flight and jumped on the plane and then returned home to England. And I can tell you. I never felt so alive in my life.

Discover more about my whole 12-week self-isolation and the conclusions I came to. The full story is in my book, Escape from Zoomanity. (Zoo-Man-Ity was a phrase I created to replace hu-man-ity.)

Read how you can survive and even thrive like never before during and after self-isolation.

Escape from Zoomanity is a contemporary philosophical writing that is making sense of life, the world and how we live. This is a philosophical book trying to make sense of a sometimes senseless world.

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Readers Reviews Had This To Say Aboiut Escape from Zoomanity…


Today More Than Ever We Need Modern Philosophy To Make Sense of The World We Live In.

Philosophy is the study of the deeper and most fundamental questions about human existence, the fact or fiction of knowledge, real values, patience and reason, clean and clear mind, and important language. Many of the questions surrounding them are often posed as unfixable problems to be fixed, mindfully studied or even resolved.

Escape From Zoomanity The Book: “Masterpiece” “Compelling” ” Powerful” “Pure Truth” “Brilliant”

“a contemporary modern philosopher peeling back the layers of real life”

Modern and Contemporary Writer and Philosopher, Alan Forrest Smith.

What is life?

It appears to be a construct of ideas created by others that we are expected to live by? Most of those ideas are deeply embedded and rarely questioned. For this reason we mostly have to search and discover what life really is for ourselves and it can be mostly the exact opposite of what we have known. My words reflects just that. The life, the times, the thoughts and experiences of Alan Forrest Smith. By peeling back the layers, by understanding ZOOMANITY and by deliberately recreating what we need to create our life and give ourselves the happiness you as a human deserve.

For me, life is one simple moment in time never to be repeated. Everything in that moment is life. Work, pleasure, relationships, health, happiness, sadness and any other moment. For me this is life and we create our own life. How it is right now, where it is right now – we created ourselves. We created our own results whatever they are right now, we created them. If we created them … we can also create the change needed to design an even better life or the kind of life we really need.

I believe words should move you, motivate you, inspire you, make you feel something, bring you to life, awaken you, inform you and allow your mind to be provoked into a new thought about something, anything or everything. All philosophical writings start with a single word. That word can lead you into a new thought.

Your life is a book, your life is short. How will you fill your book, what will you write, what have you done, how will it look when the final day comes.

Words can bring you to life. The right word can change everything.

Read more, discover more give your mind, your body your life the reasons it really needs to be alive.

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What Is Happiness and Life?

Old Age Is Dead

Old age is dead

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Political Sarcasm - LUNATICS

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