WAR Part 1
Posted on 2014-03-02 15:43:49 by Alan Forrest Smith

War 2014 


I wrote this as I sit here alone thinking and reading about Russian and Ukraine tensions. The very real prospect of another war. This doesn't mean there will be another war yet it keeps war very real and very in the forefront of thought.

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WAR Part 1.

Sunday war day another bloody war day

So here we go again

A man decides that this is war

His war is their life

Their life is their loss

He goes back victorious or beat

Repeat, repeat and repeat again

Another bloody war day

A woman has a child and the child becomes a man

The man...

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Posted on 2014-02-16 18:12:19 by Alan Forrest Smith


Happiness is the right of all humanity. If you are feeling sad and finding happiness hard to find these short videos will help you.

The first 3-parts can be found on this page. The next 3-parts can be found at


Enjoy and please leave a comment.

Alan Forrest Smith





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The Spiritual Narcissi
Posted on 2014-01-23 14:00:58 by Alan Forrest Smith

Alan Forrest Smith

The Age of The Spiritual Narcissi

Recently I watched the magician Dynamo on TV walking across the River Thames in London. I did say walking across it as in walking over the water. Just by the houses of parliament there was a small path down to the river itself. Dynamo had to climb over the gate to get down to the riverside. This one action itself attracted the attention of the public. Once on the riverside he did soothing that breaks every rule, everything law and everything we know about physics and the possible. He put out his right foot and stood on top of the water. His right foot was followed by his left...
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The Man No Man Knows
Posted on 2013-12-10 13:40:27 by Alan Forrest Smith

Writer Alan Forrest Smith

There’s a man that no man knows.

They don’t know where he lives. They know nothing about his life. They have no idea what he does. All they know is they know nothing about this man.

One day in the big cafe in the small town near the corner by the old post office the man that no one knows walks into the coffee shop. The man is not alone, his mother is with him. Everyone knows the man to look at and they all know he is with his mother because despite the fact no one has heard him say much of anything his mother calls him son and thats how they know

On one table are three guys that see the man they really don’t know on a regular basis. They look at the man, they say things about the man and they laugh about the man because they have oh so perfect lives that...

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Two Friends One Life
Posted on 2013-12-05 10:35:47 by Alan Forrest Smith

Two boys I know. Both friends.

One I have known for over 40 years and the other for 38 years. Both boys were best friends most of their lives. They would do everything together.

When aged five they had their first shared birthday.

At the age of ten the went to each others birthdays and played star wars.

At the age of 15 both had started with girls and girls and started with them.

By the age of 20 one tried drugs and asked the other if he’d like to try drugs. Both had tried cocaine but never became addicts. 

Also by the age of 20 both had begun different paths. One an entrepreneur the other a dentist. Both still kept in touched and played well together.

The one who had begun training as a...

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Insanity Profanity Zoomanity
Posted on 2013-11-02 14:40:39 by Alan Forrest Smith



An Insane Moment in an Insane World

It’s an insane world that supports insane ideas. 

Actually - its profanity.

Take a moment from this day, this day as in this morning just a few hours before I sit here to write to you.

There is a street near here in a town near here. On that street today were lots of people asking for support for the armed forces. These are the same forces that yes do good things but are also trained to kill, invade and support at times false initiatives throughout the world. Death on demand is a hot commodity right now.

Interesting to see those same people asking for support to be surrounded by people opening their...

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The Zoomanic Trance Continues
Posted on 2013-10-13 14:04:08 by Alan Forrest Smith

 Escape from Zoomanity

Everyone is going somewhere but is anyone going anywhere?

We are a world trying to ESCAPE, a world on the move. Just look at Syria alone, well over TWO MILLION people just like you but they are running to escape from the repeatists pattern of WAR, escaping for their lives and the destruction left in the tracks of war.

Just today it’s reported over 300 people have died trying to get to Italy from an African state and this on the day when Italy is already mourning a loss of boat people just days ago.

The poor want to be rich yet being rich doesn’t mean being happy. The sad want to be happy yet happiness has become an elusive distant unattainable dream most cannot grasp hold of. And the masses just want more of everything. More phones, more computers, more clothes, more cars, more,...

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Free Thinking Prisoner
Posted on 2013-10-02 12:56:18 by Alan Forrest Smith
Alan Forrest Smith Philosophy Free Thinking Prisoners As I walked along the street of Manchester I eventually passed the office of SCIENTOLOGY on Deansgate just close to the city center. The closer I got the louder the noise became. The noise was coming from a group of around 20 individuals that had placards, notices, flyers and boards saying all kind of negative things about SCIENTOLOGY. They also wore masks that you can see in the photo above to hide their faces. I stopped and said to them. ‘why are you demonstrating against scientology?’ One guy and more in unison replied ‘It’s a dangerous cult’ I asked them why it was dangerous? They replied, ‘it’s dangerous because they brainwash people’ I asked them why...
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Stalin and You
Posted on 2013-06-14 16:57:18 by Alan Forrest Smith



Stalin ended his life with a reputation of being a brutal despot that killed, destroyed and over lorded his people. A man that wanted to start again from ground zero and that meant certain death for a lot of people.

That’s me above at his - Stalin's - museum just last week in Gori, Georgia. Gori also being the place of the last Russia invasion against Georgia, which resulted in the now infamous 5-day war in 2008.

 In the museum on the wall in the Kartuli language (Georgian) there are many quotes that would surprise you. One being from no other than Winston Churchill.

 Roughly translated he said …

 Stalin is a great person, genius leader and the right person for these critical times… He is a man that will make history make no...

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Babushka Anna
Posted on 2013-06-12 15:55:46 by Alan Forrest Smith



Babushka Anna

This is a story about love and how that love made a crippling disability vanish.

It involves 85 years old babushka Anna who lives next door to our home in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Anna is less than five foot in height. She hasn’t left her home now for maybe five years, and her home is just a tiny, typically communist two rooms in size. It’s the same home where she raised her son and her daughter and lived with her husband who passed away over thirty years ago now. Her spirit is alive and her face, the lines in her face, her blue eyes, her expressions and her warmth tells more stories than her words could have shared. 

Here is one...

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