Take a wild animal

Capture the wild animal,  lock wild animal in a zoo. That animal is no longer wild, it’s no longer a real animal.

It’s a Zoo animal being kept alive to exist and generate profits for the Zookeepers. It will also live a shorter life than it’s wild cousins.

The animal is given what is needs to surive but never thrive.

Take a human being

Capture the human being, lock the human being in cage like conditions. That human is no longer a human with humanity. The human is now a Zooman being

Trapped. Caged. Almost devoid of humanity, trapped in Zoomanity.

The human is allowed to exist but rarelyt allowed to thrive. He is there to profit from.

Zoomanity is the subliminal, invisible, restraints surrounding your life and most human life. The restraints and chains are put on you by relationships; jobs, families, churches, faiths and even more things you feel are oppressing you. You know you are in the Zoomanic cage once your life becomes about existing rather than living. You will know if that is you by the very fact you are reading this book.

Yet, I still feel despite the concept and idea of Zoomanity racing in and out of my mind over the past 8-years I am still not 100% sure what it is. All I know is Zoomanity is the opposite of what your life should be.

You will know. A little bit like that feeling you get when you know something isn’t quite right. You know it; you feel it but for some reasons you ignore it. Yet you still knew.

There is a huge difference between the human and Zooman.

Zoomans are wrapped up tight into the system. They rarely think about anything. They love to be instant. They thrive as part of the crowd. They despair over things like not having the latest gadgets. They think about nothing in any depth. They believe and accept everything they read and hear. They accept – they accept everything.

They are Zoomanic.

Like drones.

They are Zooman.

Like clones.

They think and feel the same about almost everything.

Humanity has left them or maybe even worse – never arrived.

Yet they can escape from Zoomanity. Maybe right now the time isn’t right. For some that time will not even arrive for some. They will die in regret of an unlived life.

Yet a better life can be found.

Better relationships. Better income. Better ideas and ways of living. Better ways of loving and hoping. Better ways of eating. A better way of life. Escaping the old ways and finding the new ways are all part of the second life yet to create the second life we have to grieve the end of the first life.

Zoomanity wants you to question nothing. Zoomanity wants you to accept everything. From birth until death you are fed mantras that become accepted beliefs.

There are currently over 200 countries on Earth. A country is recognized on the basis that:

They have a resident population

They have recognized boundaries

They have a government

They can create relations with other countries

Take the people of those countries and put them into one place. That gives us 7 billion human beings.

Yet the majorities don’t and never reach their humanity despite their humanness. Why? Zoomanity has a grip over mankind.

Yet the grip reveal more of the workings of a deeper, more insidious, darker world that has most of the 7 billion residents of planet earth in its grip.


Take 41 year old John. Larger than average waist, balding, jeans, t-shirt, dressed by his wife, watched by his mother, harassed by his boss.

John is a man, a human but very much a Zooman being. His life has been nothing beyond average. Average birth, average education, average marriage, average job, average everything.

John holidays every year but aspire to more if he can get more work, more cash and more time. His dilemma is simple. To get more cash John needs more work. When he gets more work this gives John less time yet he needs more time to get away on a package holiday into some sunshine.

For John, it’s a good aspiration.

John also wants a car, a newer than new car. John would love a BMW but his job won’t pay him enough. He knows if he gets a promotion the car will come yet the promotion means more time to study and raise his level yet right now he just doesn’t have the time.

In the evening John is tired. Despite leaving very early john gets home late. His eyes can barely stay open on the drive home, and when he arrives at his house he can hardly life his tired legs from the car to walk up the driveway into his house.

His wife is home long before John. As John walks in his wife shouts there is a meal in the microwave waiting for him, all he has to do is hit the on button. John reaches over, hits the on button, removes his coat, and puts down his briefcase. By the time he has done that the 6 minutes have passed and dinner is ready. He opens the door, removes the food in the black plastic tray and eats his food while his wife continues to watch her favorite soap opera on TV.

John sits alone, eats alone then finally finishes. He leaves the tray on the table, heads for the large, soft sofa where his wife is sat. As he sits down she already has a glass of wine waiting for him. John drinks, barely a word is exchanged as they sit in silence, eating, drinking munching their way through things until bedtime.

Bed, sleep and repeat the same thing over and over and over again.

Before John knows it, 60-years of age is here and he wonders how on Earth life sneaked him by!

Sound even slightly familiar?

This is an average life of an average man.

Over 40 hours a week working.

Over 30 hours a week watching TV.

Over 56 hours a week sleeping.

Over 14 hours a week in travel.

Over 10 hours a week eating.

And the other 18 hours are filled in with being tired, being worried and the labors of life!

Of course not everyone is like that but it gives an example of the dehumanization of mankind.


He is controlled at a level he may probably never be aware of. Why should he be aware, he is housed, he is paid, he is fed, he is loved, yet John is a classic example of a Zooman or a man living the life of the human that has been mind-manipulated into something far from humanity.

Johns only hope is escape, his own escape from Zoomanity.

Zoomanity has built itself on the control of humanity. Zoomanity has created a question nothing system. Zoomanity has made almost everything acceptable, even John’s lifestyle.

Yet all around we see people unhappy, we see people wanting more, we see nations fighting governments, we hear of people that fail religion, feed religion and are scared of speaking about religion. Marriage is in dissolution. Families are falling apart. Consumption like an insatiable diet continues to devour not just mankind but Earth itself. Money and banking has become a real issue for mankind. The Zookeepers laugh as they legally steal the savings of Zoomanity, ones feeds another down a chain of corruption, all in fear of unsettling or unseating each other.

The Zookeepers will always have priority. The Zooman is subservient. The Zoo is a mess.

Yet a long, long time ago humans were never really like that. A man would think for himself, decide for himself, choose for himself, walk and talk for himself. Today what we see is a pathetic replacement for real humanity, replaced, veneered and re-mastered by something more insidious, deeper and subtle – ZOOMANITY!

I will try and show you more about that as you read Volume 2 of Escape from Zoomanity.

I think you’ll agree, I think you’ll know and understand, there has never been a great time for mankind to make changes. The changes won’t be what you are expecting, they won’t be what you think they are, they wont be what the prophets of end days and future thinking preach.

I hope some of my writings, ramblings and words share a little more, open and reveal a little more for you.

Enjoy, your escape is about to begin.


Want to rea more about ZOOMANITY? The book can be found here.

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