My life has almost always been business and my business has helped to create my life and the life of others.

Since my very last job (where I got fired again) in 1985, I had to work for myself. Since 1985 I haven’t had a regular job. This means I have had to work things out and make things happen in business. If nothing happened, I would have gone back to a job and probably got fired again.

I discovered how to make my businesses work, be it’s best, be different and thrive. It paid for my five children, many houses and all the usual and unusual things in life.

There have been moments in business when my very survival depended on it. Like my bankruptcy, divorce and homelessness in the mid-2000. The skils I had built for making business work (money) helped me to create my finest moments after the darkest period of my life. A home, new clients, cash in the bank and happiness.

And there have also been huge triumphs with clients. Working, speaking, advising and helping huge corporations to have a vision and really think about the future, take a reduced risk that paid off, build skills they never knew they had and create more sales.

And of course help and mentor new start-up business, small businesses and businesses of all sizes reduce risk and hit the ground running.

For me, it all comes down to one thing.

Understanding human behaviour.

If we understand how our client’s act, think, do, don’t do and behave we can give them exactly what they need rather than guessing what they need.

This is the difference. The bigger difference is once we know this we can start creating the future from today.

I can help your team visualise, dream, act and build a future from the day we meet. Once they know about their human behaviour and your customer’s human behaviour everything can change and change fast.

Very recently I worked with one client in a brick and mortar shop. In just 7-days we made small changes that had a huge impact. The impact was so powerful the takings increased by just over 51% in a single week. That is the power of understanding human behaviour.

It’s exciting, it’s powerful and the impact can be huge.

I’ve been doing this for over three decades but the changes in business today are dramatic.

Nothing is working like it used to work.

Systems fail, trends fail, agencies fail, social media is failing and your team and people have never been so confused with what is next. Why?

The old constructs and ideas of business and how to market business disengage the customer and fail to take into account current human behaviour. Human behaviour cannot be put into a box and printed out. It must be understood. Yet human behaviour has changed like never before with the advent of the super-smart phone and all online connectivity.

The web has changed everything. Borders, boundaries, habits, actions have all changed. People no longer think like businesses think they think. The world is changed.

The big IDEA is now King.

For teams rebellion rules, nonconformity builds, chaos creates and futurism develops. And then the experience and currency of review is not only critical but is the mechanism for you to create attraction based ‘marketing’ rather than traditional agency marketing. It’s never been so complex yet it has never been so simple. But only if you are tuned into human behaviour today!

I can help your team or business move into that next level through understanding.

I can help you find big ideas that will make your company stand out.

I can help you understand your people, your customer from the inside out.

I can even help you start to build your future from today.

Business, Human Behaviour, The Big Idea & More.

I can help you understand, develop and tune in.

Contact me here.

Futurist, Author and Mentor, Alan Forrest Smith.

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“Alan … you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. But the truth is that few people have the marketing insight that you demonstrate on a regular basis… ”

Jay Conrad Levinson,

“Alan is inspirational, he is business clever. Not many can visualise a dud business in three dimensions, turning the company in his mind, penetrating to the bowels, foreseeing the traps, and laying an imaginative path towards its success.”

David Nore, Author”

“Mentoring with Alan, The results are UNREAL….We are 4 weeks in…we can’t for the results after 12.”

Rich and Steph, SAGE.

“Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business. I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going, however, you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field.”

Neelam Meetcha Author, TV Host

“A Kick-Ass Mentor“ Alan came in and immediately saw what need doing and helped us very quickly focus on the important stuff. I think any business will benefit from working with Alan.”

Izaak Brading MOD

For my own experience, Alan has been instrumental in bringing out the best in what it is that I want to achieve in my business life…by bringing out the best in me. Transformational and unforgettable!”

Troy Steine