About Alan Forrest Smith.

I know more than a little about change and transformation.

The first part of my life was in Scotland. The second part in England. My parents made a radical life change that would affect our whole family.

I dropped out of school at 15-years-of-age. My first job was a landscape gardener. Then a hairdresser. Then a salon owner. Then a business growth consultant specialist in direct response. Then a specialist in growing and increasing client’s businesses. From huge corporations to small start-ups and more.

I was also a fully ordained religious minister for over 21-years. During that 21-years I attended Bible speaking and training every single week. I left that faith in 2005. I have given literally hundreds upon hundreds of talks all over the world. Last year alone I was invited to Tbilisi, Georgia to give a future-thinking talk called I AM THE FUTURE to a corporation of over 8000 people.

I have worked for myself since 1985. I have also been hired by well over 400 companies to advise and motivate.

I specialise in human change and behaviour and futurism … what’s coming next for business and life.

I have also been through a brutal divorce in the past, been homeless for some months, lost everything through forced bankruptcy and survived.

I once spent two weeks in the middle of the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, I spent 3-months living alone on a mountain in California and today I have more than everything I need. I have written around 15-books and literally millions of words on my blogs over 20-years.

I am happy, married to the love of my life and at the age of 56-years, I became a father again. We have a son named Demna Davit. I live between Manchester, England and Tbilisi, Georgia. I speak one of the rarest languages on Earth, Georgian or Kartulad.

Life has been the most wonderful story I could have ever dreamt about and it just gets better.

I have lived and experienced things most never will. I know there is more to the human. There are powers and other things we just cannot understand but we can see and we can accept. These are wonderful human secrets that can be unlocked. I feel on more than many occasions I have unlocked them and made the most incredible use of them.

Life really can be more than what you might be feeling it can be. It is a choice an option and a moment where you become what you have always been able to become.

What is next?

My current writings of course and books, Escape from Zoomanity, Deliberate Recreation, I AM BASTARD I AM WAR, Happiness and other books can be found here and on Amazon.

I am working on more books, a movie script, a TV script and a few other projects including a writer’s retreat house in the Republic of Georgia where my wife and I also live.



I have had almost three and a half decades in business. I actually started my first business tailoring trousers when I was just 10-years old. My first real business started in 1985 with a hairdressing business. By 1991 I had a hairdressing salon so busy and so large (from start-up) the industry began asking me how I did that. Before I knew it was was speaking, teaching, lecturing and sharing my business ideas and concepts with other salon professionals and then many other businesses. As time went forward my reputation grew. My hairdressing business ran from 1985 – 2003. From 2003 my comany OrangeBeetle.com worked and consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs over a 20- year period. This had me advising and consulting with global security companies, the UK’s biggest real estate letting agents, The UK’s number one direct mailer and well over 400 other industries. Just recently I gave a large training day called I am THE FUTURE in Tbilisi, Georgia to one of the biggest haulage companies there.

I help companies understand the human condition, the human experience, the human response mechanisms and of course I help them to understand themselves better so they can deliver a higher performance and experience to their customers and people. More here.

Alan Forrest Smith


Other projects and business of mine are …

www.CitizenTbilisi.com our rental business.

www.Orangebeetle.com my consultancy and speaking business.

www.SalonPunk.com my specialist business.

www.MasterandManBooks.com our publishing and writing business.

www.OldDadProject.com a new project of mine.

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