If you could see the future, if you could understand people, if you could tap into the minds of others and understand how they really think …  how different would your life or your business look today?

I’ve been through a lot of major transformations in my life. A school drop-out, landscape gardener, a hairdresser, an ordained minister, multi-million dollar response consultant, divorced, bankrupt and today risen, happy, a new father, author and respected advisor on human behaviour, change and future thinking. So I get change, I understand the human from the inside because I’ve been there.

I was trained extensively as a speaker at Bible school. My training was designed to provoke thinking, awaken and create realisations. That was from 1985 – 2006 until I left the ministry. That masterful and deep speaker training with my life and business experience has given me the unique edge I have today.

Future thinking, big ideas and revealing revelations that I have shared with thousands over the years in life and in business.

Before and after then I have travelled extensively all over the world lecturing, speaking and helping others in business, corporations and private businesses and lives. I started my first business in 1985.

Today, I speak about the human being. The imperceptible conditioning, the subconscious actions, the habits built on the viral and repeated behaviours. Once you understand these things can change for you, your business and your life.

Last year I gave a new talk I had created in Tbilisi, Georgia where I spoke at a gathering of directors that oversee 8000 plus staff. The talk was named I AM THE FUTURE. This talk was based on creating the company future from today by understanding the human condition, by using risk as a tool and by creating tomorrow today.

Today, the world has changed more than ever. Habits and actions are almost unrecognisable. This can create problems but when you understand why things are different and why the change you can then change everything from now and for your future.

Futurist, Modern Philosophy & Enlightened Businessman Presentatiations Designed to Provoke Thought and Action

Some of my talks …

  • I Am From The Future – How To Design The Future Before It Arrives
  • Deliberate Recreation of Life or Business or Body or Relationships
  • Escape from Zoomanity – Zoomanity & You
  • How Can I Be Happy?
  • How To Know What Your Future Holds
  • I AM BASTARD I AM WAR – A reading and overview of the realities of War
  • Is Faith Dead or is Faith Faithless?
  • Philosophical Ramblings Q&A Based Around What’s In The News

Breakthrough Business Talks Include

  • The Unseen But Clear Future Of Marketing Today
  • Business Breakthroughs That Defy Logic
  • Extreme Business Turnarounds Case Studies
  • Marketing on an Almost Zero Budget
  • Direct Marketing But Not As We Know It For The Unique Millenial Generation
  • Copywriting, Conversation, Words & Response Factor – how simple word changes can change everything
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Internet Marketing That Actually Works

Alan Forrest Smith is able to help you with

  • Increased results
  • Increased outlook
  • Help you understand the mind of your customers
  • Get clarity on human conditioning
  • Clarify a Clear Business and Life Vision
  • Define short and long-term goals
  • Help You Understand  and Master the Art of Customer Service
  • Accelerate Team and Individual Productivity In Days
  • Inspire Yourself and Your Team Into Massive Action
  • How to Win Customers and Keep Them For Life
  • Next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Pioneer program – empowering and maximizing productivity for the young generation of employees

 What you should know about Alan Forrest Smith as your speaker

  • Any travel accommodation (if needed) should be covered.
  • The talk and evening will be 3-hours in total.
  • All attendees get an opportunity to buy signed copies of Alan’s books.
  • All attendees get an opportunity to speak directly and ask a question to Alan.
  • Alan prefers a minimum of 25-people at any group and will speak to any number higher than that.
  • Alan has spoken to over 5,000 in one room and has been described as one of the most unusual, motivating and real speakers of modern times.

Alan Forrest Smith the speaker, began speaking on stages over 30-years ago. He has been invited to share his creative ideas in countries …

  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • Australia, Gold coast, Melbourne, Sydney
  • USA, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, California
  • Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • England, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more
  • Scotland, Edinburgh

And has spoken to maybe well over 25,000 people during his speaking career so far!

He has also traveled into the Amazon Rainforest to work with a real Amazonian tribe called the Achuar Indians in deepest Ecuador. This was the results of a fundraiser whilst speaking on stage in Australia where the final count ended up around $70,000 in donations which were given directly to the charity Pachamama.org in San Francisco. Professor Manfred Rimpler of The Medical Academy in Hanover and Head of The Beauty Standards Commission in The EU said… “… you are without a doubt one of the greatest and most highly motivating public speakers I have EVER come across … Andrey Andreeyey Chief Consultant from Russia and Europe said… “you my friend are a superstar, look at them, they love you and what you say to them, you were just fantastic!” and … Chief Editor of Les Nouvelles Estique Elena Marekov in Latvia and Baltic states said this… There no question … Alan is probably one of the greatest motivational speakers in the UK right now. ” they loved you! Look at the reaction, I have seen nothing like this over here before please, please, please come again soon, Alan is one of the most exciting motivational speakers we have worked with”


SEE BELOW some samples of previous talkso ver the past 10-years and recent. You can find more on YouTube and Instagram

The Law of Attraction in Business

The Message

The Message

Inside the Marketing Intensive Class

Inside the Marketing Intensive Class

Inside the Marketing Intensive Class

Alan Forrest Smith Inspire, Dublin

Alan Forrest Smith Inspire, Dublin

Migrant, a writing and reading by Alan Forrest Smith

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Some thoughts from Alan’s book readers. All quotes below taken directly from Amazon.




Zoomanity in its simplicity is opening the lid on global information”







Do you want more happiness? Read this. However, if you are looking for happy clap ”just think positive and you’ll be happy”, then this is not your book. I was very sceptical when I bought this because I’ve read way to many books that promise the moon and deliver bread crumbs. However, this book is different. It won’t give you unlimited riches in two days or less. It gives you something way more valuable; the ability to find out what actually makes you happy. Not what society wants you to be happy about. Not what your family thinks will make you happy. Not what your friends think is right for you. What will actually make you happy? Buy it. Read it. Do the simple exercises. It will change your life as it did mine.

In a world full of noise, information overload, stress, ill health, war, ignorance and hatred it’s easy to find yourself stuck in life. In a life which is not especially enjoyable. A life NOT happy. Here, Alan challenges all that you know and think you know. He invites you to read and absorb FIVE principles, or Spiritual Laws, for happiness. The answer lies not in others, in iPhones, in gurus or outside forces. Here is a way for YOU to take control (and responsibility back) for how your life is now – and how you would like it to be in the future. Spending time with this book in a quiet space for 30-60 minutes could be the most life-changing hour of your life…. if you’re up for being happy, of course.

Alan expertly addresses the root causes of unhappiness in our lives and shows us how we can find happiness again. Don’t wait for someone else to make a difference in your life. Make it for yourself. Shift your mind and accept you have the power to make your own happiness.

A wake-up call to a sleeping civilisation built on war, I am Bastard, I Am War journeys from the idea of war to its execution and what’s left behind. Yet what is missing is what stands out so much, the children sent to war over and over again. The poetic approach reads like performance art, reminding me at times of Whitman’s Song of Myself and at other times the power of Boots by Rudyard Kipling (in fact, the US military uses a recording of Kipling reading this poem in a violent rant as training to this day). When you wake up, you see the true trickle down of the war economy. This book is not only a wake-up call to a sleeping civilisation, it’s an antidote to Zoomanity. Its style is poetic and staccato, the disconnection of society trickling down to the challenge to communicate to a society entranced with the images and glory of early war media. This will make a fantastic performance piece, which is hinted in the end notes.

If this book doesn’t make you think about war (and life) more deeply than you ever have before, you might want to check you have a pulse. Written in an unusual style, the author says it started out as a poem and turned into much more. I’m glad it did.

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