I am Alan Forrest Smith.

What is life?

It appears to be a construct of ideas created by others that we are expected to live by? Most of those ideas are deeply embedded and rarely questioned. For this reason we mostly have to search and discover what life really is for ourselves and it can be mostly the exact opposite of what we have known. My words reflects just that. The life, the times, the thoughts and experiences of Alan Forrest Smith. By peeling back the layers, by understanding ZOOMANITY and by deliberately recreating what we need to create our life and give ourselves the happiness you as a human deserve.

For me, life is one simple moment in time never to be repeated. Everything in that moment is life. Work, pleasure, relationships, health, happiness, sadness and any other moment. For me this is life and we create our own life. How it is right now, where it is right now – we created ourselves. We created our own results whatever they are right now, we created them. If we created them … we can also create the change needed to design an even better life or the kind of life we really need.

I believe words should move you, motivate you, inspire you, make you feel something, bring you to life, awaken you, inform you and allow your mind to be provoked into a new thought about something, anything or everything. All philosophical writings start with a single word. That word can lead you into a new thought.

Your life is a book, your life is short. How will you fill your book, what will you write, what have you done, how will it look when the final day comes.

Words can bring you to life. The right word can change everything.

Read more, discover more give your mind, your body your life the reasons it really needs to be alive.

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Alan Forrest Smith on Business, The Big Idea & Futurism

I have been in business since 1985 and in fact have never worked in a job since then. Business has changed because the human has changed. Human behaviour has gone through a huge transformation the past few years. The web has removed walls, borders, boundaries and made the impossibel possible. The smart phone has created a new human. Their habits, their actions and even their loyalty is nothing like it was. People think different to how they did even just a few years ago and habits can change almost overnight. Read more here on how I can help you … 

Alan Forrest Smith on Life

Surely we aim to be happy and safe, complete and filled, loved and cared for with an ability to share everything. Is this life all there is or is there more to life that we don’t understand? Is it we don’t understand or is it we have been told life is something it isn’t by those that question nothing? Understand life can be easier when undertsand your needs, when you understand what is behind life and when you realsie that life can be more fulfilling if we live by certain ways or laws. Life is short so we should aim to find happiness as fast as we possibley can.

Alan Forrest Smith on The Future

Is it possible to really know what is coming? I would say yes but it isn’t magic. The future is based on what we do right now. What we do right now shapes the future. Is it the kind of future we want and what will that future look like? (More on this soon)

WHO IS? … Alan Forrest Smith is a specialist in human behaviours. And is a professional speaker, author, and business consultant whose clients range from global security firms, large chain organisations, and corporate executives to hairdressing salons, actors, and TV personalities.

business philosophy from alan forrest smith

A talk designed for organsational teams that want more thinking, more ideas and more BIG action. Created to provoke heightened thinking, positive forward moving action and awareness that the RISK, the NOW and the FUTURE are all connected to daily activities. Invite Alan as your expert here…

Powerful, Moving and Current. Alan reads his piece - THE MIGRANT.

What Is Happiness and Life?

Old Age Is Dead

Old age is dead

Talking FUTURE in Tbilisi

A Talk on Futurism

Political Sarcasm - LUNATICS

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