Counterfeit Beauty

Counterfeit Beauty. Every year a magazine runs a vote called ‘100 sexiest women’ The women all look stunningly drop-dead gorgeous, lips, breasts, eyes, hair to die for. I noticed in a magazine some of the women on their list, know drug abusers. Hard drinkers. Rehab regulars and many regulars to the parade of the media-meltdown…


by Alan Forrest Smith Karen is a stunning, beautiful, mature 26 years old. Her long waist length hair is thick, black and so shiny it’s almost like a mirror. Her olive skin is smooth in fact flawless. She has dark brown smoldering almost Spanish eyes, endlessly long eyelashes, full deep red lips and curves that…

Factory DNA

This really is FACTORY DNA on a massive scale.

Who teaches us this stuff and why? The governments, the politicians, the ones running your , our country. They have a meeting somewhere at sometime. The meeting will generally be around the subject of how do we get MR. X in power. How do we keep him in power? How do we then keep the masses happy so as to keep him in power?