Judge or Observe

As I walked along the side streets of Manchester, I see a pathetic looking youngish man sat in his own filth, in the doorway of Aramani clothing. Ironic I thought, two extremes living side-by-side, extreme poverty and extreme blatant consumer wealth. The next day the long haired, long bearded man was there again. The very…

Counterfeit Beauty

Counterfeit Beauty. Every year a magazine runs a vote called ‘100 sexiest women’ The women all look stunningly drop-dead gorgeous, lips, breasts, eyes, hair to die for. I noticed in a magazine some of the women on their list, know drug abusers. Hard drinkers. Rehab regulars and many regulars to the parade of the media-meltdown…

Salvation Searchist

So the search continues. There she goes, jumping on another plane, heading to another strange, hot location in search of something. In 3 years she has walked out of her job, changed her friends and acquaintances, flown over 3 continents, read and underlined and noted countless manuals, hired an endless list of guru mentors to…

Arab Armageddon or End of The World

Bullets fly over his head time and time again. Thud, crunch, smash each time another and other bullet hits the wall in front of him. It leaves the old man with a feeling that at any point soon the bullets will break down what remains of the wall finally ending his life.

Abolitionist Posse

It’s easy to forget if you watch the news that Egypt was once a World power. They were actually the dominant nation on planet Earth, just like the USA is today.

They built huge monoliths, astonishing Pyramids, heart stopping temples, a system simple of mathematics, an independent writing system, super effective systems for medicines and art that is sought after today along with it’s supreme architecture and ability to control the ever-flooding Nile with a controlled form of irrigation and dams.

I could go on, I won’t and I won’t claim to be a historian of any kind.

The Anthropoid Polyhistor

This is the part of you that knows, that has always known, that has been covered, been locked away, been held back so many times by the thoughts of others.

Yes you are learned and you your historical learning is your route to a better life. Even more important is the feelings within you that you have put aside, you have ignored and you have rarely listened to.

This is the time for you to tune in and make changes for the sake of your own life and the lives of those around you.

Resolve The Resolution 2011

Here we go again. Another 365 days that start with a promise, a promise to self usually about how incredible, how amazing, how wonderful this year will be over the last. Jane felt that way 7 years ago and all the years since. She’d been through a horrible divorce. On the back of that her…

2010 Reflections of

It’s been momentous and wondrous, I can adore and savor the flavors of those moments looking back.
The dramas, the tribulations, the bitterness and hate of other people, the love and adoration of the few. The highs and lows, the beauty and the beast. The rich, colorful painting of 2010 and the remnants it has left within my body.

WikiLeaks Assange- Agent of Change?

Are you angry or simply dismayed at the way revealers of truths are treated, humiliated, lynched and at times murdered by those that make claims to protect your constitution? I am? If you read this blog you also know most of my postings are to do with observations that I see. Right, wrong, that’s not…