What Happened To Me After 12-Weeks Of Self-Isolation In 2010

Escape From Zoomanity Reveals Everything That happened:

Paperback 176 pages

At the age of 45-years, I wondered what the hell was going on? After a life of stability, I faced divorce, homelessness, loss of faith and a loss of everything. The most destructive period of life I ever faced … and survived.

I vanished into a mountain in California all alone and put this book together. It was the only way I felt I could make sense of what felt like utter helplessness but the ultimately total triumph over my embedded life. Not only did I discover how to be happy alone, how to have a happy life, how to be happy again. But I also discovered the answers to why am I sad and how can I finally fix this.

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This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)I have to admit I am not the most compulsive of readers of any type of book but I was recommended this one by a friend. I found it a fascinating insight into all facets of life and mirrored so much of my own. I am sure the thousands of people that will also read this will feel the same. What is important to me in a book of this type is the honesty and integrity of the writing and there is no doubt that this is an extremely honest and intelligent read. Harsh and to the point throughout but also humorous, delicate and charming. The author should be credited highly for a thought-provoking book that goes a long way to not only inspiring and motivating the human mind but bringing home important truths about life.

Highly recommended!

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Amazon reviewer


First I would like to encourage all those who are not aware of Alan to spend some time going through his website and reading the ton of testimonials of the life’s he has transformed. He did have a profound impact on my life and when I use the word “profound”

I mean it in a big way… Zoomanity is Alan’s best work. Three decades of baggage and frustration will drop off in less than an hour once you immerse yourself in this masterpiece. Alan is a rare jewel in the world of creative and inspired thinking and Zoomanity is what you might be missing today

Sri Vishwanath author of the bestseller Zero Effort &the Secret of Bhagavad Gita

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Happiness – Five Spiritual Laws For Happiness: Paperback 120 pages

I was alone and I wanted to be happy again.

I had too much time to think and that time gave me the notes and finally this little book.

Maybe this was my mental health moment, maybe it was my mental health awareness or wellbeing. I am not sure. All I know is I felt depressed, sad and miserable.

After spending time writing and thinking this through i realised that to live a happy life, to be happy and single, to be happy with myself and something as simple as how to be happy this book came together and answers those questions.

Happiness is an in-built law. In fact, it is a series of laws that everyone can follow – you can follow.

  1. The law of humanity
  2. The law of moment
  3. The law of shift
  4. The law of decision
  5. The law of action

Once you know these and realise these you will feel happier, more hopeful and how to be happy with yourself.

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If you are looking for happy clap ”just think positive and you’ll be happy”, April 5, 2016

By Amazon Customer

This review is from: Happiness: Five Spiritual Laws For Happiness & Your Personal Escape from Zoomanity (Paperback)

You want more happiness? Read this. However, if you are looking for happy clap ”just think positive and you’ll be happy”, then this is not your book. I was very skeptical when I bought this because I’ve read way to many books that promise the moon and deliver bread crumbs. However, this book is different. It won’t give you unlimited riches in two days or less. It gives you something way more valuable; the ability to find out what actually makes you happy. Not what society wants you to be happy about. Not what your family thinks will make you happy. Not what your friends think is right for you. What will actually make you happy. Buy it. Read it. Do the simple excercises. It will change your life as it did mine.

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Deliberate Recreation: Paperback 242 Pages.


After my bankruptcy and divorce, I had a question… “Is it really possible to attract everything from nothing –    NOT A SINGLE THING?”

First, there’s a true story about a man that will help you understand.

I am that man.

In January 2007 I fell into a full-blown life disaster that led to divorce after 27 years, losing a home I had built with my own hands, relationship breakdowns, detachment from my children, health breakdowns, faith destruction and finally a full-blown bankruptcy that saw almost anything of any value I had – like my car and the large 5-bedroomed converted barn in one acre) – being taken away and sold for pennies. On March 23rd, 2010 I was officially at my own ground zero!

It Was Over

I was left me homeless, broke and in total despair of the future – any future. My life according to most was now to be an endless disaster and talking point of gossip for family and friends (that were left).

I was told I’d never recover, my life was over, just accept everything, take things as they are and so on.

I didn’t want that. I didn’t want the end of my happy life. I wanted more. Then one late night at around 2:30 am after a few hours of sitting alone in a dark corner of a graveyard behind my elderly parent’s house I had a moment, a revelation that was to change everything in my life!

I ran back to my parents slept for a few hours in the 6×8 room, woke early and mapped out my future with a newfound clarity. This was to become my own DELIBERATE RECREATION.

I uncovered powers I never knew I had.

I released energies I didn’t know were in me.

I revealed and harnessed something so strong that within weeks from that moment in the graveyard I was not only working again but I had created more than enough income to get out of my parent’s house and into a house of my own. On December 17th, 2010 I finally moved into my own place despite my hopeless situation. All I had to move into the small house at this time was a roll out sofa – that was it!

Then I bought a car for cash. Then as time moved forward I met and eventually married a woman that was to become my perfect mate for life.

Today my life is happy, my life is simplified, an experience filled and I have everything and more any person could ever need and want.

Life Is Never Over

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“Alan’s depth of truth transports a reader to a headspace where, by the end, you can feel an overwhelming sense of hope, not just for yourself, but for humanity,”

Marie O’Riordan

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“From Alan’s explanation of how he filters wants from needs (and WHY he does it) to the generous number of real-life examples of what works (and what doesn’t) to the way he explains the God Code and how to apply it throughout your day … ‘Deliberate Recreation’ is a refreshing guide to the science of Manifestation, and how to work WITH it (rather than the too-common practice of working against it) to ‘re-create’ your life according to YOUR plan. It feels less like reading some author’s book … and more like you’re sitting with a buddy, enjoying a drink and a chat. Someone who is absolutely BURSTING to tell their story. Someone whose excitement and passion cannot be contained. HIGHLY recommended for anyone who wants a better understanding of Manifestation, and how to do it successfully. And especially for anyone who has ever felt they were ‘THAT CLOSE’ … but couldn’t quite make it happen.”

Al Henderson

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Governments and leaders are happy to see your children killed in support of their big idea. It’s a mental illness they call WAR and dress in glory and medals. The reality is very different.

I wrote this piece in reflection for all of humanity. The main character is you, me it is everyone. History will never change. The insane will always see war as a sane route to glory.

After reading and seeing the endless horrors against humanity in Syria a few years ago I wrote a single poem called ‘Tears of a Mother’. As time moved forward these Wars seemed to progress to the state they are as I write today. The history of humanity and war never changes and neither does the outcome. As quickly as war arrives peace follows for a period of time once the nation and armies become tired, jaded and exhausted. The soldier regrets his war if he survives only to be followed by a new angry generation that never saw what their fathers saw. War is BASTARD, BASTARD is war.

Is there any excuse for WAR?

My WAR piece attempts to look at WAR from the perspective of a Father a mother a son and a leader. They all come under the control of BASTARD and that BASTARD is WAR.




Readers Write …

WAR is a modern commentary and poetic writing based on the war ridden times today.

WAR is tearful, painful, powerful and direct showing the carnage of WAR and the pain of those in war and close to war. See what some readers are saying. “Brilliant. Breakthrough literature! Alan Forrest Smith’s I AM BASTARD I AM WAR is waging heavy peace. Rarely has a master of commercial marketing spoken so truthfully of the systems thinking of demonizing words and the mechanism by which we justify the destruction of our own species, war. Smith appears to me as fighting for sanity, employing guerrilla poetry with lyrical language. I agree: War is a bloody insane disgrace against humanity. If you read this book, you’ll agree Zoomanity loves a war. While there is ugliness depicted, it is masterfully beautiful in it’s call to action to think peace. ” Ben Mack, author of Think Two Products Ahead & Poker Without Cards Enlightening & Thought Provoking This review is from: I Am Bastard I Am War (Kindle Edition)

If this book doesn’t make you think about war (and life) more deeply than you ever have before, you might want to check you have a pulse.

Written in an unusual style, the author says it started out as a poem and turned into much more. I’m glad it did.Author, Roy Carter


The poetic approach reads like performance art April 13, 2015 By Declan Dunn

A wake-up call to a sleeping civilisation built on war, I am Bastard, I Am War journeys from the idea of war to its execution and what’s left behind.

Yet what is missing is what stands out so much, the children sent to war over and over again. The poetic approach reads like performance art, reminding me at times of Whitman’s Song of Myself, and at other times the power of Boots by Rudyard Kipling (in fact, the US military uses a recording of Kipling reading this poem in a violent rant as training to this day). When you wake up, you see the true trickle down of the war economy. This book is not only a wake-up call to a sleeping civilisation, it’s an antidote to Zoomanity. Its style is poetic and staccato, the disconnection of society trickling down to the challenge to communicate to a society entranced with the images and glory of early war media. This will make a fantastic performance piece, which is hinted in the end notes. If this book doesn’t make you think about war (and life) more deeply than you ever have before, you might want to check you have a pulse. Written in an unusual style, the author says it started out as a poem and turned into much more. I’m glad it did.

Declan Dunn


I Am Bastard, I Am War is a gritty, disturbing, yet ultimately enlightening look at the idea of war… from many angles

By Michael D. Morgan on April 17, 2015 Is it a weakness that ultimately causes war? It’s an interesting thought Alan brings up. And after reading his book, I find it plausible. Especially when you think we went to war over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. When leaders in their ivory towers want to wage war, they have nothing to lose. Yet death, destruction and sadness rain down in a blood coloured storm that takes our loved ones away who had nothing to do with the premise of war. They just do their job and we drape a flag over their coffin and label them heroes if they don’t make it. Or we receive them home to deal with the anguish of the horrors they witnessed with no support from those who sent them off. I Am Bastard, I Am War is a gritty, disturbing, yet ultimately enlightening look at the idea of war… from many angles. Whether it is the weak leader who chooses war over peaceful solutions… or the father explaining to the son the lie of war… you see and feel how wrong it all is. This book should be required reading for leaders who send our youth to battle. The style is different but interesting, and the words hit you square in the gut. Writer, Mike Morgan

“In a media stream so rife with facile justifications for, and barbaric glorifications of, war – we need more voices like Alan Forrest Smith’s. War is as lyrical as it is poignant.” Author, Mark Joyner, Founder and CEO of Simpleology



Life teaches us through messages. Life also teaches us as we go. Life challenges all of us. Life asks us to solve problems. Life has given us a unique ability to find answers where most would never look. Yet life still leaves us with many questions that simply cannot be answered. I am grateful for that.

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Alan Forrest Smith


I have been created to share and give back. I am giving you what was created within me. I offer words and thoughts. Make of them as you feel you need to. In a world that has left behind God as creator. In a world that is influenced by the Zoomanic trance. In the world that puts its trust in man as savior. I have no shame. I am a believer. I accept God. I believe in God. I know with certainty I was created by God. I acknowledge with my everything my God.

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Alan Forrest Smith



Breakthrough Book Packed With Ideas And Experiences You Absolutely Should Know On How To Create The Big Salon Breakthrough You Really Deserve. Every Salon Owner Should Own This Book … That Includes You!

I did my first haircut when I was 14-years old (1977). Started hairdressing in 1982. My first salon job in 1983. My first salon in 1989. I loved it, hated it but in reflection, I did something I know you can do also with your salon. This book is that story.

I’ve been there, I did it and know you can do it too. A number one salon that is with almost every problem solved.

I’ve packed as much as time allows into this little easy-to-read book and I loved reminding myself of the days as a crazy salon owner going from struggling to a No.1 position in a town of 35-salons.

44,000 words later here is what I have to share about running and build the most incredible salon business.

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Alan Forrest Smith


Lunatics is an illustrated observation of the world and current affairs with photography and satirical write up with the author’s unique twist of short, snappy and punchy lines.

This book is a 100 pages of satirical and philosophical commentary on the world today. A collectible item and a great gift idea for anyone who appreciates satire, life and observations.

Strictly limited-edition – SOLD-OUT

Product Information:

Author: Alan Forrest Smith

Pages: 100

Dimensions: 13×11 in, 33×28 cm

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Alan Forrest Smith

little angel

The Little Angel And The Last Christmas


A classic Christmas story for children and adults from Alan Forrest Smith. A story of love, morality, and hope wrapped up in five small stories that ask the question – Does man deserve Christmas.

A classic Christmas story for children and adults from Alan Forrest Smith. A story of love, morality, and hope wrapped up in five small stories that ask the question – Does man deserve Christmas.

God says no.

Thomas the little angel says yes.

God gives Thomas an opportunity to prove him wrong.

Thomas is sent to Earth.

His wings have gone.

His powers have gone.

He is now human.

Thomas has just hours to prove humans are still good and they should be allowed to keep Christmas.

If he fails not only will Christmas be gone forever but Thomas will never be allowed back in heaven and will die as a man.

Gripping, refreshing and current.

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